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Tara Williams
Licensed Spiritual Health Coach
& Spiritual Financial Coach
Psych-K Facilitator

c: 530-680-8338

Tara (TJ) Williams is a Certified Spiritual Coach, with experience of subtle energies within systems, whether those systems are of a financial nature, personal wellbeing nature, or as an individual or family issue. A holistic practitioner, Tara works with the body/mind/spirit connection.
Tara’s unique ability to recognize energetic patterns was critical during her career as a Banker for over 20 years. Utilizing these observations of patterns and working within various systems allowed her to correct and improve the various problems for numerous multimillion dollar Banks in San Francisco and Bay Area locations as a trouble shooter, auditor, security analyst, and lender and operations specialist. In many situations correcting personnel issues (as being at the core of problem areas) not only improved critical problems, but improved staff relations to affect positive team work, and assisted many individuals with personal improvements.
Tara has utilized her abilities in providing “spiritual financial coaching”, as well as “Psyche-K” (to help resolve subconscious blocks), and private sessions to assist many in improving life flow and goals.
Tara’s major passion is working with PEMF technology utilizing pulsed electromagnetic frequencies to improve health issues (in particular auto-immune function) for individuals, utilizing the “AmpCoil”. As is often said; “there is nothing new under the sun”, and PEMF technology is a testament to that statement. Ancient cultures such as the Chinese, Egyptians, Sumerians, Aboriginal and Native Americans understood the electric magnetic properties found in the human body, and utilized techniques to improve flow to meridians, blood circulation and blocks occurring in the human body.
The AmpCoil powered by the BetterGuide (application) utilizes sound transmission technology to listen to the messages from your body through voice stress analysis. The BetterGuide App then uses it extensive mathematical algorithms to play back your chosen frequency tunes through a PEMF process and a modified tesla coil, similar to a high powered tuning fork for your body.
As Albert Einstein is often quoted “All life is frequency”
If you find yourself ready to commit to your health or address lingering issues, then your next experience with the AmpCoil is available to assist in that journey.
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